Ms Resi
          – A Computer Model of Human Respiration

Version History

Version History
Ms Resi Version 1.00 and
Ms Console (no version number)
Delta release.
Ms Resi Version 1.10 and
Ms Console Version 1.10
Coding errors corrected.  Model performance now closer match with MacPuf 1977.
Ms Resi Version 1.11 Transient artifact on "re-run" removed.
Ms Console Version 1.11 Minor changes.
Ms Resi Version 1.20 and
Ms Console Version 1.20
George Havenith changes incorporated.  Ms Resi now has capacity for work rate input and displays heart rate.  Note: subject files are in new format.
Ms Resi Version 1.21 Print output facility included.
Ms Resi Version 1.22 Clinical comments time signature improved.  Print output now black and white printer friendly.  Clinical comments included in print.
Ms Console Version 1.22 Minor changes to maintain match with Ms Resi code.
Ms Resi Version 1.23 Stability at low oxygen levels improved.
Ms Console Version 1.23 Damp macro replaced by damp function.  Details available in ms_development.pdf (35 kB).
Ms Resi Version 1.24 Bugs in print fixed, BMI included (print command now in file menu), more realistic on death values and error in 2,3-DPG concentration in red cells evaluation corrected.  Alt + left/right arrow provides fine movement of cursor.
Ms Console Version 1.24 Error in C[71] evaluation corrected.
Ms Resi Version 2.00 1.00 Executable code reorganized into two modules: ms_resi_200.exe and ms_model.dll.  The application module principally handles the MS Windows interface.  The application extension module contains the core model code.  The respiration code needs development and has been restructured to encourage work by others.  The first part of the version number relates to the interface code; the latter part relates to the model code.
Ms Console Version Code development discontinued.
Ms Resi Version 2.01 1.00 Cosmetic corrections to cursor placement on the variables display.
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