Ms Resi
          – A Computer Model of Human Respiration



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Getting Started

Ms Resi has run under MS Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.  It does not use the Windows installation procedure but is supplied as a set of files to be placed in, say, C:\Program Files\Ms Resi.  These files include the main executable file and Borland "redistributables".  Normal procedure would be to create a short cut to ms_resi_201.exe for ready access from the desktop or startup menu.

ms_compact_manual.pdf (50 kB) Brief operation guide for Ms Resi. (1513 kB) Zipped file containing the files required to run Ms Resi  Unzip into a clean directory and double-click ms_resi_201.exe to run.  Note: the files included in this package may not be used in any other application.
Subject Files

Ms Resi can save or load subject files.  Subject files contain specification for a subject and set-up conditions for the factor and display panels.  Two subject files are currently available.  (A user can generate subject files readily.)

MacPuf.sbj (2 kB) Male entering middle age – perhaps a lecturer.
Ms Resi.sbj (2 kB) Young fit female – perhaps one of his students.
Physiological Model Development

The Ms Resi application code consists of two modules: ms_resi_201.exe, a module that contains the graphical interface code and ms_model.dll, a module that contains the code for the physiological model.  This model module, can be built from the supplied source code by using a free C++ compiler.  This arrangement allows researchers, perhaps with a particular area of interest, to develop the physiological code without being involved in the internals of the graphical interface code.

The development manual contains information to assist developers to modify the model module and provides explanations and example modifications to guide developers. (25kB) Source code files to build the model module.
ms_development_2.pdf (135 kB) Manual to assist development of the model module.
Command Line Development

Ms Console is a command line program, similar in operation to Dickinson's published code.  It was generated by translating the Appendix IV Fortran 77 code to ANSI C.  It is supplied here as source code to be compiled by the user under an operating system of her choice.  Since the introduction of Ms Resi V2.00, Ms Console is no longer supported.  However the code has enough commonality with ms_model_100.cpp to permit a developer to cut and paste code from ms_model_100.cpp to ms_console_124.c to be in step with updates.

ms_console_124.c (89 kB) Version 1.24 C source code for Ms Console compilation.
ms_console_124.h (20 kB) Version 1.24 C header file for Ms Console compilation.
ms_development.pdf (95 kB) Manual to assist development of Ms Console.
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